Friday, February 29, 2008

Insects Attack on Orchids Spatho

The Attack?

Why does orchids die?.. after disecting a pot of spathoglottis, done by
S_anuar from reveals that
the mealy bugs deep inside the pot is causing the plant dying.

The treatment?

Well he is applying neem oil bought at for the treatment.

The results?

Need to wait few weeks to be known

White traces on the roots


White traces found on the pot

Mealybusg - the white bugs!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

bulbophyllum meduse - the plant

Well, here are some photo on bulbophyllum meduse plant, See the psudobulb, What is the best media to growthis bulbophllum?

Well, some people is using perlite mix, (see this and some will tied it on a tree bark. Mine?,... hemm still diffcult to maintain the growth on a piece of wood bark. Perhaps to try on perlite and some mix of paddy husks.

Picture courtesy of khairimd.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spathoglottis plicata

Commonly found in Malaysia, infact along the PLUS North South Expressway near the Menora Tunnel, this species can be found growing on the rocks boulders, where it is being exposed by 100 % sunlight.

The violet colour allows the plant to be seen from quite a distance. And the leaves is quite big, normally measured about 180 cm from the bulb.

The ability for self pollinated, allows the plant to be easily propagated. A clump of the is orchids, planted along fences, shall be good for making decorations around the garden.

An alba version is mostly sought by collectors. plicata alba!...

Image from


Another name is also known as Orkid Pinang , by the malays. About 55 specices can be found under this genus, and the most commonly found in Malaysia is Spathoglottis plicata.

Dendrobium leonis

A lowland orchids normally found on trees in Malaysia rainforest and cultivated land. Once found this orchids in a rubber trees plantations in Pahang. Rather small flower and the inflorescence a the stem apex where it produce a succession of single honey scented flowers.

Dendrobium crumenatum

A commonly and widely found orchids in Malaysia. In fact, most of the trees in Kuala Lumpur, the city of Malaysia, this orchids can be easily found.

Normally flowers after 7-9 days after long drought and follwed by heavy thunder storm, where the white flowers last only for a day with a nice fragrant.

The appearance of the flower buds resemble dove, thus, in Malay, it was called as orkid Merpati or Anggerek Merpati, where merpati is a dove.

Normaly it grow up to 150 cm from the base of it bulb.

Bulbophyllum lobii

Pesonally found this orchids on top of tree near a riverbank in Genting Highlands, where the recorded altitude is about 700 meters from sea level. The flower si about 3-7 cm wide which has a spicy scent, and with variation of clours, shape and markings.

The pseudo bulb to leave is about 25 cm, where the color of the leaves is light green.

Bulbophyllum subumbellatum

A lowland orchids, found normally in swampy area. Till to date, still unfortunate to see it in situ. The clumps form untidy masses that will creep along and hang from tree trunks, where the pseudobulb is consider as thin with small and long leaves.

Found this orchids sold by Orang Asli stalls along Endau Rompin, Pahang main road, and yet to find it in northern part of peninsula malaysia.

Bulbophyllum purpurascens

A small species normally fund where the it need a 70 % light to grow. Another lowland orchids and found on tree branches over river banks.

The psudeobulb is about 1 cm and with hard leaves. where the colour of the flowers si long pale yellow or white flowers.

Found this orchids at common area in Sg Chamang waterfalls on top of rocks along side the river bank.

Bulbophyllum lasianthum

This lowland species can be found in Malaysia, normally, near riverbanks and normally found growing on top of big boulders where the sunlight penetration is about 30% and the rocks is covered with dead leaves.

A large plant and the flower give a pungent smell, similar to 'ikan masin'. The pseudobulbs to leave is about 45 cm and the limit are not rigid and quite broad.

Bulbophyllum meduse

Another lowland orchids that can be found in Malaysia. Normally found along the riverbanks on tree branches, where more sunlight is available.

Usually flowers several times a year and slightly bigger than bulbophyllum vaginatum.

Physically, the plant is about 20 cm from bulb to leave, where the bulb is slightly brownish in colour and with sharp edges, unlike vaginatum where the bulb edges is more smooth.
Photo by khairimd from

Bulbophylum vaginatum

A lowland orchids and is widely found in Malaysia. Small flowers but when a colony of it blooms, it just spectacular to view it. Normally the flowering sessions is 2 to 3 times a year and last for 2-4 days, without giving any visible scent.

Some details of the plant:
Length from bulb to leave is about 12 cm. Normally with hard leaves textures. Single bulb normally will have single leave.
Photo by khairimd from

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Orchids in situ - Wild in Malaysia

A trip to a waterfull seem too be fruitfull since a lot of orchids species were found along side the riverbank. Among the species found are bulbophylum, Coelogyne

Orchids in Langakwi - On Top of Mountain

My trip to Langkawi Island, North of Malaysia, sometimes in December 2006, allows me to explore the orchids on the island. On top of Gunung Mat Cincang, where it accesible using the cable car, few species of orchids were found at the height of almost 708 meters.

Among of the species found are:

Orchids in wild - Langkawi Island

A walk along the Pantai Cenang of Langkawi Island, up north of Malaysia, reveals some orchids, which barely survive along the sea side, merely a few meters away from the sea level.

2 species of bulbophylum were found:

Yet another small bulbophylum found togther: